UK Energy Crisis, Russia & Renewable Energy

Energy Crisis UK, MBT T80 Tank, Solar Panels

Britain is currently experiencing an energy crisis, unlike anything seen before. But how does Russia have anything to do with it, and can renewable energy be the answer to a solution?

What is COP26? | Everything You Need to Know

Modern bridge over a river in Glasgow city, Scotland.

You must have heard of it by now – ‘COP26’ – it stands for UN Climate Change ‘Conference of Parties’ and the 26 stands for which annual meeting it is. It’s COP26 this year, because it’s the 26th year the event has taken place.

The Future of Energy in Britain

Boris Johnson, Prime Minster speaks at COP26

Britain is fast accelerating the race to become a net-zero carbon emissions country by 2050 and renewable energy solutions are part of that journey. Read this article to learn more about the different type of green energy solutions