Climate Change directly Impacts Gender Inequality

To some, identifying link between Climate Change and Gender Inequality could be seen as some sort of virtue signalling – “how can increasing temperatures possibly affect women more than men?”. To fully understand this insight, you’ll need to view the issue from global point of view – you need to take the Western-tinted glasses off and look at the wider picture.

How Renewable Energy Can Stop the Refugee Crisis

From Donald Trump’s Mexico-US wall, the UK’s asylum seekers arriving in boats across the English channel and now the crisis at the Poland-Belarus border – the world seems fixated on the migration of humans. We know war and economy are key drivers of migration, but what about climate change? Energy Point have explored the effects of climate change on migration in this report and what we can do to stem it’s rapid growth.

What is COP26? | Everything You Need to Know

Modern bridge over a river in Glasgow city, Scotland.

You must have heard of it by now – ‘COP26’ – it stands for UN Climate Change ‘Conference of Parties’ and the 26 stands for which annual meeting it is. It’s COP26 this year, because it’s the 26th year the event has taken place.