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Energy Point was launched with a simple vision – to make energy greener and more affordable. Since our inception we’ve helped thousands of homeowners cut their energy usage, and reduce their carbon footprint. We focus on providing sustainable energy solutions for domestic users.

Approximately 20% of energy related greenhouse gas emissions stem from heating, cooling and powering households. Although homes are becoming more efficient, we must take action to make a positive change.

At Energy Point we are committed to building a zero carbon community, and bringing affordable green technology to your doorstep. 

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Kerbing The Climate Crisis

Climate change will be the defining crisis of our time, and it’s a challenge we must face head-on. There’s action we can all take as individuals to make a difference. Energy Point are committed to battling climate change, and we recognise the impending problems caused by global warming. 90% of natural disasters are now classed as climate related, costing the global economy $520 billion a year, and pushing 26 million people into poverty. As sustainable technology develops we can turn the tide and reduce our own energy usage, which as a collective will make the difference. Using cleaner energy such as a home solar PV system can save over a tonne and a half of carbon dioxide per year.