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Energy Point is UK based company providing energy solutions, in domestic settings across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We also curate reports and insights on the UK & Green Energy Market and Climate Change.

Changing the Perspective

Our Online Energy Point Media Centre is a space for journalists, reporters and others to learn more about our company, the UK domestic energy market and the global issue of global warming / climate change. As part of our visions & values and our CSR policy, we are determined to protect the environment and bring about positive conversation on the topic.

Our Sources

Energy Point only gather information from trusted, validated and reliable sources of data and analysis. Our sources are individuals, organisations and institutions from across the globe.

Global Intelligence against Climate Change

We’ve been helping individuals, institutions and global organisations navigate the difficult terrain which is renewable energy and climate change.

Energy Point has employed senior analysts and even military intelligence experts to deliver the best quality analysis and reports on climate change affairs and report back on how green energy can better aid the world to eliminate carbon emissions.

It is a long established and unfortunate fact that greenhouse gases are damaging and destroying our planet. The world’s temperature is constantly rising and we must do more to combat global warming. Our weekly reports and insights on the climate change crisis will highlight areas in which we can all, including governments, can focus on and analyse – all in the shared effort to reduce our damage on Planet Earth.

Our planet is just that – ‘ours’. It’s important that we all take the fight against climate change seriously and use all of the assets and resources available to do so. Energy Point will continue to create said assets and resources to bring about positive conversation about the climate change crisis.

Energy Point Analysis Team

Latest Insight

Take a look at our latest insight into either the fight against climate change, or the newest update on renewable energy technology. We always post our insights and reports on our website and with our distribution partners.

Energy Point gather top intelligence, research and data from reliable and validated sources, such as from the UN, the UK Government, WWF, WEF and The White House.

Our writers hail from different areas of expertise and knowledge; but are united with the vision of finding research-backed resolutions and solutions against global warming. Energy Point will continue to report and publish insights on the UK Domestic Energy Sector and the Climate Crisis.

Rishi Sunak VAT removed solar panels
Tyrese Garvie

UK Government: 0% VAT Announced for Solar Panels

THE CHANCELLOR of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced that he will be scrapping 5% VAT for ‘homeowners who have solar panels, heat pumps and insulation installed’ – “they will pay zero”. These changes will come into effect April 2022 and last for five years, until 2027.